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  1. Something that is often sorely missing in most edging videos is female audio, the women are often silent, it is really hot hearing you being into the action as much as he is, I love the way you giggle and laugh as you tease and deny him, your vocals must be as much of a tease for him as any visual or tactile stimulation, then you continue giggling and moaning as you tease his sensitive head after orgasm, really hot, please do more post orgasm teasing videos? You have a great technique.

  2. I had a dream I ran Atlanta, and I was on every radio station. And 107.9 was 97.5 again. And they played me at Golden Glide on Friday. And they played me real loud on the street, we drive up Memorial Drive, up Wesley Chapel. I reopen 112, and Jazzy T’s. I’d bring back Turner Field. I fire all the cops in Cobb county. Chick-Fil-A will be open on Sundays. I bring back LaFace Records, Freaknik. Kilo Ali, Lou. I got J.R. Crickets some Spelman girls with big booties. I reopen SciTrek, strippers will

  3. Unfortunately every time I want to cum I feel like I want to pee and I don’t do it bc my partner finds pee gross.

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